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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Christening embelishment

Beaded Banner

I had the inspiration to create a little banner with a cross on it as an embellishment on my granddaughter's christening card.  The idea came to me as I lay in bed last night.   Well the initial idea didn't work, as banners are created with uneven rows, and the cross wouldn't have worked.

I searched for beading stitches on the net, and found a tutorial that I thought might work.  What the instructions didn't tell you was how to finish off when you had done your desired length!  Hopefully with a bit of fiddling and some craft glue it will hold together.  I then threaded it on an eye pin.

As I had already created an eye pin with beads on it, for my first abandoned attempt, I hst bent this and attached it to the banner to make a beaded hanger.

Not sure whether the idea has worked or not.   You will probably find out when I have finished the card!


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