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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

3 generation play day

It is not often I get to craft with my daughter except during school holidays when she is not working. Yesterday she and my granddaughter came to play in my new "Den".

We had a lovely afternoon, even if they did make off with a lot of my stash!!!!!  (as you will see from the piccies!)

I showed them my attempts at altered art bookmarks after I watched a demo by Andy Skinner at the Craft Barn the other week. Naturally they wanted to have a go; and as my daughter said "it was a tad out of our comfort zone".

Anyway here are some photos of our "play".

Daugher and Granddaughter playing in the No.10 - "Maggie's Den"

Dawn's altered photo frame - created with a serrated plastic picnic knife

Ellie's altered frame using Andy Skinner leather look stamp

Their two bookmarks

Close up of Dawn's bookmark using the embellishment to make the pattern

Close up of Ellie's bookmark using the knife technique

Ellie's teddybear key ring

an old painted serviette ring, which has been revamped by Dawn - I got to paint the leaf!
(have got 5 more to makeover)

and finally, my effort - I didn't have anything to "alter" so finished painting this tissue box!

Thanks for dropping by.  Hope you enjoyed the photos of our play day.


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