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Friday, 21 September 2012

Golden Wedding Easel Card

This was a request from a friend.  Used my favourite dies, and some ribbon, flowers and gems from my stash and yes a tassel!
It is so long since I made an easel card, that I made a bit of faux  pas when I first put it together, as I folded the support the wrong way.  Fortunately I managed to salavage it (I knew something wasn't quite right but couldn't work out what it was).  Originally the card came further forward, and the name was in the middle of the ribbon.  Having realised my error, I couldn't move the ribbon (and I didn't have any more of that ribbon so couldn't remake the base), but fortunately I managed to move the names and add a few extra gems - phew!  Why is it that when you have actually stuck the card on the easel you realise what you did wrong!  Probably should have left it as it was and created a new fold!
For info the card topper is actually made like a normal card with an insert made from gold conqueror paper.

The flowers were quite large, so made a box to take the card

close up 1

close up 2


close up 3

Monday, 17 September 2012


Another little planter, this time with blackberries. 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

REd cubes and ovals

I wanted to try something a bit different, so raiding my jewellery stash, I found these cubed beads and some pretty ovals.  I alternated the shades of the cubes to start and finish and then made a focal point of one of the deep red beads, with an oval bead each side.  I also had some small flat ovals, so used those for the tails of the fastener.
It just goes to show you can use anything to create these macrame bracelets.  Here is another view.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Flying High

A card for my old boss from the airline industry.  The image is one from Justinklined The Next Big Thing, but for once an already coloured image.  However, I used my dusting brushes and my big and juicy pad and coloured the background, and then did some highlighting of the colour with some sakura stardust pens.
Matted onto pearlescent card, and then mounted on the green cardstock, and the addition of some card candi in iridescent dark blue and green, and  few peel-offs to create a frame.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Fantasy in Green

Green is not a colour I normally opt for.  In fact this card was nothing like what I had planned.  I had been going to make a card with a sunflower on it from justinklined NBT cd and colour it with promarkers!  However, I wanted some backing paper for my image, and during my search I came across a docrafts goodybag, that I had forgotten all about, and all these lovely elements were in it!
Needless to say the card I had spent an hour planning was abandoned.  (Fortunately I hadn't got around to printing anything!).  I just fell in love with all the different papers and the butterflies, and the card just came together.  Quite a different card style for me, but it does mean I actually used some of my stash!
Just goes to show that you can sometimes surprise yourself !

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

silver and black

Having seen Sarah Millsop demonstrate making these, I was inspired to have a go.   Basically shamballa style bracelets but made with 6mm spacer beads.
The one on the left was my first attempt, and I realised that I had inadvertently cut a length of the narrower cord for the knotting cord.   The one on the right is made with the correct thickness.  However, people that have seen both say they really like the one on the left, as it is very delicate.  It would be ideal for kiddies bracelets.
I also experimented by adding a bead to the fastening piece of macrame.  Must confess I rather like that, and shall do it again.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I finally got around to revamping this old wastebin.  It was originally my daughter's and then my son's in their bedrooms.  It had a fluffy stretch cover over the base, and a stretchy lid of same material.  My daughter called it Dusty Bin. 
Well for some years the inner plastic "bin" has stood on the landing outside the bathroom door as a container for used t-roll inserts etc.  I just never got around to replacing it, and always intended to give it a make-over - the original idea was to use scraps of coloured paper and pva glue!
Well it has at last got a proper "make-over".  First of all I coated it with gesso inside and out.  The inside was just painted with emulsion from a tester pot in my paint fusion stash.  I then painted the outside with crackle paste applied with a fan brush.  Let this dry overnight to crackle.  I then painted the paint fusion roses on it.
I am really pleased with the result, and it looks a treat back in it's proper place!  Of course I am now wondering what else I can make-over!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Something a bit different!

Having painted the lemon roses on the wooden plaque, I wanted to try something a bit different, so this was an experiment.  MDF plate painted with black, then diecut flowers and leaves added as I glazed it so the glaze acted like a glue.  Die cuts were made from pale turquoise papermania pearlescent card - the really glisten in the sunlight!
Don't want to part with this one either! :-) 
I am thinking that you could use this idea and paint the leaves and flower still leaving the outline, or even use them as a base for paint fusioning.
I am going to attempt something with a snowflake die later!  Hope this inspires you to try something different with diecut shapes.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lemon Roses

As you can see, I have my replacement specs!  Really quite pleased with this effort.  I love the effect of the lemon on the black.  This is probably going to be a christmas pressie - if I can bear to part with it!

Altered art

This first item is a little box that I played with.  The top was done using a spodge mask and texturing medium.  I then used my new petal stamps from Clarity to crete the petals on the top and the design around the side.  Need a bit more practise with the stamps, or was it just due to fact I didn't have my new glasses!

another view

Napkin rings
Over the past few days I have also been altering some old wooden napkin rings that I had in the draw for many years.

and finally another attempt at using the spodge mask, and some paint fusion roses.   I am not happy with this attempt - the mask was a bit hit and miss, and the roses aren't as vibrant as I would have liked and I should have had 3 large roses.  I shall probably get the black paint out and start again!
Still it wasn't a bad attempt as I was still without my replacement glasses!  At least I am brave enough to show my rubbish attempt!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Inset Day Playing

It was inset day yesterday for eldest granddaughter and her mum.  Unfortunately being a teacher my daughter had to got to school, so I was in charge of granddaughter for the day.  (Is that correction grammar?  probably should read Granddaughter was in charge of me for the day!)
We had a couple of craft sessions - one in the morning and one in the afternoon - as my husband had his weekly nurses appointment and we also had to do the fortnightly shop.  (hmmm not good to take granddaughter shopping - odd things seem to appear in my trolley for her, that weren't on my shopping list!  Needles to say she was pushing trolley for me!). 
Anyway these photos show the result of her labours.   She brought a little box with her to alter.  It really looked very good.  The roses were free-hand painted!.  She also finished off a grungeboard bracelet she started when she was with me the other day.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

School Project

It was Nanny to the rescue yesterday.  My D-i-L discovered her eldest daughter (6 yrs old) was supposed to have done a space science project over the school holiday.  So it was a quick trip to Hobbycraft to buy a polystyrene ball, as there was no time to make a papier maché over a balloon, and a visit to me to raid the acrylic paints and work in the Den!
The ball came in two halves so 3 yr old sister helped, and they both painted one half of the ball each with gesso and then they each painted the bronze metallic background.   3 yr old then went off to play with the toys, and with a little guidance from me on how to do it the 6 yr old blended her chosen colours into the bronze to create some interest and, using one of my Andy Skinner texture stamps she stamped some "fissues" over the surface.  I then applied some random flitter glue for her and we attached some flitter foil flakes. 
I was in charge of cutting the "ring" for Saturn, mainly because this involved using the craft knife.  The girls then painted the ring together in silver, and sprinkled on some glitter whilst the paint was still wet.
It was then back to me to help attach the ring to the ball with the aid of a silver pipe cleaner and some glue!
I reckon they did pretty good with their efforts.  It really looked effective in the sunlight with the metallic finish to some of the paints on it.  No doubt if we had had more notice we could have come up with a good papier maché effort, and in hindsight I should have got some of my clear jewellery thread to attach the ring!    Hope her teacher likes "Saturn".   Apparently all the children's efforts are going to be suspended and hung from classroom ceiling.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Honeysuckle and hydrangea

I got my new reading  specs to tide me over until my bifocals are made on Friday, so decided to attempt some painting in the Den on Saturday.

I wanted to try painting honeysuckle.  I knew I had a book somewhere with onestroke flowers in, and some patterns and some tracing paper - but heck could I find required items - of course not.  So nothing ventured, nothing gained, I printed off a couple of photos from the internet, and had a go freehand on a piece of card, and this was the result of first two attempts.  At least you can recognise what it is supposed to be.

I then got a bit brave and decided to try it out on the  plaque I had  prepared the other day.   Added some daisies and then made an attempt at painting an hydrangea.  I realise now of course that I should have started a bit higher, but hey ho am quite pleased with a first effort, particularly as I know I am no artist !   Couldn't quite get the same effect with the honeysuckle as the ones I painted on card.
I have now varnished the plaque and it looks very effective and really brought out the colours.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Playing in the Den! (Altered Art)

As some of you may know I had a mega fall last Sunday, and ended up in A&E.  Apart from bashing my head, bashing in my face (caused by glasses breaking), damaging my knees etc.  I was very lucky, and I am ok, although I had instructions to take it very easy for five days because of the head injury and worst of all because of the stitches wasn't allowed to wash my hair for a week!  I won't scare you with a photo but leave it to your imagination of what a face looks like when it has hit concrete!  50 shades of purple!
Heck I was so bored, as couldn't see without my glasses.   My eldest granddaughter came over on Friday and we played in the den.  Initially whilst she played I just coated some items with "background" paint ready for fusioning when I had my new glasses.  I then got a bit braver and tried some simple altered art:

This was a little canvas (about 4" square) that I had prepared with gesso some time ago.  I used modelling medium mixed with various acrylic paints and applied it with a palette knife to create a sort of scene.  I then added some little painted wooden shapes, and a touch of flitter flakes.
My granddaughter said it was "Nood" - naff but quite good!  As I didn't have my glasses I called it blind biddy's sunset!

Meanwhile this is one of the projects my granddaughter did (other one is work in progress at the moment):

As you can probably recognise this started off as an empty box of after dinner mints.  She coated it with modelling medium and created the pattern with an old plastic knife.  Originally it she painted it purple, but decided that the little ornaments didn't show up, so she overpainted it with linen coloured paint to allow some of the purple to show through.  She then stuck on her painted wooden embellishments, and painted the butterfly trails on it.
A different view of the box top showing some of the textured painted side.
Thanks for dropping by.  I now have my prescription reading glasses so can get on with some crafting, although I have got to wait for my bifocals - so not allowed out alone or drive until they arrive - hopefully next week!