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Monday, 3 September 2012

Honeysuckle and hydrangea

I got my new reading  specs to tide me over until my bifocals are made on Friday, so decided to attempt some painting in the Den on Saturday.

I wanted to try painting honeysuckle.  I knew I had a book somewhere with onestroke flowers in, and some patterns and some tracing paper - but heck could I find required items - of course not.  So nothing ventured, nothing gained, I printed off a couple of photos from the internet, and had a go freehand on a piece of card, and this was the result of first two attempts.  At least you can recognise what it is supposed to be.

I then got a bit brave and decided to try it out on the  plaque I had  prepared the other day.   Added some daisies and then made an attempt at painting an hydrangea.  I realise now of course that I should have started a bit higher, but hey ho am quite pleased with a first effort, particularly as I know I am no artist !   Couldn't quite get the same effect with the honeysuckle as the ones I painted on card.
I have now varnished the plaque and it looks very effective and really brought out the colours.

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