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Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I finally got around to revamping this old wastebin.  It was originally my daughter's and then my son's in their bedrooms.  It had a fluffy stretch cover over the base, and a stretchy lid of same material.  My daughter called it Dusty Bin. 
Well for some years the inner plastic "bin" has stood on the landing outside the bathroom door as a container for used t-roll inserts etc.  I just never got around to replacing it, and always intended to give it a make-over - the original idea was to use scraps of coloured paper and pva glue!
Well it has at last got a proper "make-over".  First of all I coated it with gesso inside and out.  The inside was just painted with emulsion from a tester pot in my paint fusion stash.  I then painted the outside with crackle paste applied with a fan brush.  Let this dry overnight to crackle.  I then painted the paint fusion roses on it.
I am really pleased with the result, and it looks a treat back in it's proper place!  Of course I am now wondering what else I can make-over!

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