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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

School Project

It was Nanny to the rescue yesterday.  My D-i-L discovered her eldest daughter (6 yrs old) was supposed to have done a space science project over the school holiday.  So it was a quick trip to Hobbycraft to buy a polystyrene ball, as there was no time to make a papier maché over a balloon, and a visit to me to raid the acrylic paints and work in the Den!
The ball came in two halves so 3 yr old sister helped, and they both painted one half of the ball each with gesso and then they each painted the bronze metallic background.   3 yr old then went off to play with the toys, and with a little guidance from me on how to do it the 6 yr old blended her chosen colours into the bronze to create some interest and, using one of my Andy Skinner texture stamps she stamped some "fissues" over the surface.  I then applied some random flitter glue for her and we attached some flitter foil flakes. 
I was in charge of cutting the "ring" for Saturn, mainly because this involved using the craft knife.  The girls then painted the ring together in silver, and sprinkled on some glitter whilst the paint was still wet.
It was then back to me to help attach the ring to the ball with the aid of a silver pipe cleaner and some glue!
I reckon they did pretty good with their efforts.  It really looked effective in the sunlight with the metallic finish to some of the paints on it.  No doubt if we had had more notice we could have come up with a good papier maché effort, and in hindsight I should have got some of my clear jewellery thread to attach the ring!    Hope her teacher likes "Saturn".   Apparently all the children's efforts are going to be suspended and hung from classroom ceiling.

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