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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Damson Agate

I fell in love with these stones at a recent Craft Show at Sandown.  I am saying stones rather than beads!  They are Damson banded agate and are absolutely gorgeous to touch!  I wasn't even looking for things for me - but I was wearing my damson jeans at the time, and they just said buy me!
Finally got around last night to making a necklace with them.  I have photographed them on my patio table, as that is exactly the same colour as my jeans - as you can see perfick match!
Also bought these purple twisted oval agate beads.  I was actually wanting some blue stones,to make a necklace for one of my great nieces for her birthday as she had admired the black banded agate one that I made for myself.  However the stall had sold out! - so bought these on the off chance she might like them.   (I shall have another look on Saturday for blue stones as am going to the Big Bead Show at Sandown.  I already have a long list as have a number of shamballa style bracelet requests - so that will sort out some more Christmas presents).

purple twisted agate stones

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