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Friday, 12 October 2012

Jump Jet card

Cap2 image
I have at last got my new computer up and running , so am able to play with my new Craft Artist 2 programme.  I had a couple of little plays and then decided that I would try and make a birthday card using the programme, and this is what I came up with.
I don't have a lot of digikits, so a case of using what I had.  Imported a blue back ground, and some green shaded material, which I cut with scissors tool and stretch to act like hills - think the shading on the material has worked well (quite be chance of course).   I then imported a jpeg of the Harrier from Justinklined The Next Big Thing and used cut out studio, and then just copied and pasted and resized them.
From the digi kits I used the tree and pasted it in various sizes and the same with the grass bits.
I used the effects buttons to create the shadows of the trees and the aircraft.  (shame the shadows of the trees don't match up exactly, but they were best I could do with the effects available.)  I also played with some other effects on the aircraft, but just ended up with a slightly shadow around them.
To create the birds - I put the green colour swatch in blank space on the screen, punched out a bird, recoloured it and reduced size and paste a couple of more.
Finally with the predefined shapes I created the plaque, coloured it and just added some embossing and shadow effects, and the sentiment.
Printed the image, edged it with a promarker (probably could have put a frame round it in CAP2 in hindsight!) mounted on silver mirri and then on pearlised card stock.   I also cropped a section of the picture (the main harrier) and used it on the back of the card.
Finished Card
Thanks for looking.

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