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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Birthday Cake

It is my daughter's birthday on Monday and I have made this cake for her:

Birthday CAke

as you can see I used some of the little painted discs that I made the other day.  When I made the sponge I made extra mixture to make some fairy cakes.  The cake is half chocolate, half lemon sponge (using the Batter Daddy bought from Joanna Sheen's shop.  I then used the remaining mix to make some lemon cupcakes and some chocolate cupcakes.

a selection of cupcakes

I don't profess to be a cupcake maker, so I am still experimenting!  The chocolate cupcakes, were spread with buttercream dipped in chocolate sprinkles and then more buttercream piped around the edges.

The lemon cakes were decorated with buttercream and then sugarpaste which had been "embossed " and then dusted with blue dust. (click on the picture and you will see the embossing more clearly)  Like the chocolate ones I added a rosette of buttercream and placed some more of the discs on them.  For three of them I piped some roses on a cocktail stick (I would have done more, but the buttercream was getting warm and didn't want to play - I must admit I normally prefer to make the roses in Royal Icing.)

OK so they are not "perfick", but they taste good!


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Carol said...

If they taste as good as they look Mags they'll be fine! Carol x