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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Painting on icing

Well -  inspired by Stephanie Weightman, I have been trying out some painting on icing.  Basically you use powder dusts and confectioners varnish and then do your one stroke painting.

This was my first attempt on a plaque - bit busy but I was practising and trying to get the feel of it.   Need a little practise on my ribbon painting - lol!  For this attempt I used leaf glaze rather than full strength confectioner's glaze. (so for the uninitiated about half strength)

As I had an odd  bit of sugarpaste left over in the cupboard, I decided to cut out two sizes of circles using a glass (well two sizes of glass).  I let these set hard for a couple of days and then attempted to make some little "toppers" that I can either use on cupcakes or around the edge of a cake.

The blues ones on the left were painted using full leaf glaze, but I experimented with the pink and the blue ones on the right, by just painting with confectioner's "paint mate".  I found it slightly easier to work with this and the finished result wasn't a lot different.   

As you can see I attempted to do some leaves on the little plaques as well, but they just didn't seem to work, so I just painted single roses in the end.  I did do one daisy.  I wasn't sure that the daisy was going to look right, but later when I added the centre it looked OK - so wish I had done a few more of those - well there is always next time!

It is my daughter's birthday next week - so hopefully I will use these and will be able to share a finished cake,

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