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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Letter Rack

I managed to get to play in the Den at the weekend.  I had this letter rack that I had bought some months ago. 
I seem to have so much correspondence and results from all the tests the doc has been doing, and decided I need to keep them tidy instead of just lurking (and falling over) on the shelf of the wall unit!
So a bit of free-hand painting was in order!   I was quite pleased with the result, as a while since I have had the acrylic paint out    ....
.....  however, later that evening whilst watching the antiques roadshow, inspiration suddenly struck and I grabbed the gilding wax.  Wow - what a diffference - it went from home made looking to shop-bought looking.   Think gilding wax is my new favourite in my craft stash!

with gilding wax finish

1 comment:

Ita said...

Hi Mags lovely painting and a great idea.