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Thursday, 30 May 2013


I treated myself to a chainmaille kit from Purple Moon Beads at the Bead Show earlier this year.  I started to make it, and got a bit frustrated as it was a tad fiddly, and it got put to one side.  However, over the past two days I have really made the effort and finally finished it.  Took a while as I found I needed to make it in daylight!  It is beautifully light to wear.
I have the ingredients to make a necklace - goodness knows how long that will take me. The necklace is in gold and has seed beads instead of the little balls. I think I may slightly rethinj the design and make it a bit easier - or find some larger rings to make it less fiddly to make!

another view


To reward myself for my perseverance, I made this bracelet this afternoon, which is very quick to make, and uses my favourite snowflake spacer beads, this time with small cat's eye beads that I  bought when they were on special offer at Beader's Companion.  (I have just ordered one of their scarf kits in blue - so this will match perfectly).   I do love this design and it looks really scrumptious in real life!

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