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Monday, 6 May 2013

Work in Progress

I have been lax in blogging recently - mainly because there was a lot of work to be done in the garden.  I am on top of it for the moment, so can craft without feeling guilty!

Maggie's Den was declared "re-opened" for this year so if the weather stays good, I can get out there and get messy with paint etc.

I did venture out over the past couple of days and the following are projects which are work in progress.

scarf  jewellery

Another leaf - this time painted with pebeo fantasy paints
and a pendant which was filled with pebeo, which just needs some resin on the top to give it a domed finish

The next piece is almost finished.  I won some splodge away masks recently, so have used one of those.  I also tried my hand at creating a stamped embellishment.  (the stamp is painted with acrylic paint and a special gel) left to set and then peeled off the stamp.  I have polished it with gilding waxes in various shades and fixed it to the canvas with modelling past to give it some "movement".  The butterfly since I took this picture has now been painted with pebeo fantasy enamel paints today - so will show finished article when I have taken a photo.
abstract wall art

This next item was an experiment.  Having been on the Paverpol course, and done some "googling" I discovered you could use the technique on canvas.  I am going on another course in June to learn exactly how to do it, but in the meantime I thought I would try and experiment use a pva and water mix.  (OK it won't be weather-proof like Paverpol, but I just wanted to play.  This is definitely work in progress, although having played with it a little more today, and added some more paint and some gilding wax,  it is nearly finished.  An updated photo will be posted in due course.

Another abstract wall art using T-shirt material and dish cloths
soaked in watered down pva  and painted.

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