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Monday, 3 June 2013

Painted Flower Trough

I bought a new plant trough the other week, whilst doing the weekly shopping (it sorta fell into my trolley - don't think OH was too pleased to see it amongst the groceries though!  )
Earlier this week whilst touching up the metalwork in the garden, I painted it black.  I used "Black Magic" Paint that I bought from Ideal World a couple of years ago.  I love it - not only is it water-based so brushes wash out easily, but it also works on plastic as well as metal.  Over the weekend I managed to do some painting on it.  The ridges made it slightly difficult, and I couldn't use any stamps for that reason, so it was completely freehand!
I am now working on my next project - this little stool, but I can't decide how I want to decorate it!
So far I have painted it with a burgundy paint and then crackled it overpainting it with a natural calico paint, but what to do next.   So many ideas buzzing around my head.  Do I paint fusion it, do I do a decoupage finish with papers or material (possibly stamping on material and then cutting out and applying them ........ or something else ........ decisions, decisions!   (I know what you are going to say - I should have bought more than one and tried out all the different ideas!)
I had intended painting it for the grandchildren to use when they came, and originally intended doing something flowery or with decoupage/decopatch type thing.   (Today it was out drying in the garden next to my recliner chair - and it was just right for my book and cuppa - so maybe it will be dual purpose!)

watch this space !

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