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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Slate Heart and playing with my new toy!

I saw this slate heart in The Works yesterday whilst stocking up on some canvasses - well it would be rude not to buy it wouldn't it.  So whilst my daughter was painting her Paverpol owl canvas, and my eldest granddaughter was painting a door hanger and a pencil container, I managed to get this painted whilst we played in My Den.
I used Sheena's paint fusion daisy stamp, and then did some freehand leaves and the roses.  When finished it had a quick coat of Crafter's Companion spray and shine.
I think I need to nip to town tomorrow and see if they have any left and buy them up!
AND to show how varied my day has been, I got to play with my new toy - a new computerised sewing machine.  I haven't used one in earnest for some years - gone are the days before I was married when I made all my own clothes.  In those days would meet friends and my husband on a Saturday lunchtime - (although obviously he was only my boyfriend then) - and we would decide where we were going to go in the evening, and I would nip across to the local material shop, buy some material and catch the 3 pm train home, and by 8pm I would have a new dress made, ready to go out on the town!  Those were the days!  
I have only bought a new machine, as my old machine - a 21st Birthday present has failed to proceed - such a shame as it did a lot of the fancy stitches this one did and was top of the range in its day - and probably cost a lot more than this one at the time!
I didn't actually make anything, but played about with learning how to use it and tried a few of the fancy stitches:
now comes the decision ....... what to make!

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