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Friday, 9 August 2013

Anniversary cards & Cakes and a "CRAFT" Moment!

Ruby Wedding Card
It was my sister-in-laws 40th Wedding Anniversary at the weekend, and we had a lovely party at their house in the New Forest, catching up with most of the family.  (My daughter and her family weren't with us as she and my eldest granddaughter were at International Scout and Guide Camp).  This was the card I made for them using CAP2 and my new digikits.  The background is silk effect from one of Joanna Sheen's cds (can't remember which one - but I have it saved on my computer as I find it an extremely useful background, which I can colour as required)

Anniversary Card
It was also my niece's wedding anniversary on the same day and this is the card I made for them - also using CAP and the new Hearts Design Digikit.  (I wasn't sure when I added this purchase to some other digikits whether I would really use it - It has such lovely elements in it, I am really glad I did buy it.)


I made the cake!

Cake - another view

It was also Mike's sister's wedding anniversary (not sure if it was the same day), and they arranged for the youngest grandchildren to present bouquets of flowers to the other anniversay couples, from the ruby Wedding couple.  I also got the same bouquet for making the cake.  
The three anniversary couples.

There is also a little "funny" story to add.  I was convinced it was my niece's Silver Wedding.  I knew she got married the same day as her mum and step-dad, and I was convinced it was on their 15th Anniversary - but I got it wrong!  Fortunately I realised before I had finished making her card (for some reason I decided to check the marriage records on line - obviously my guardian angel was looking out for me, so I didn't make a complete fool of myself!)

However, I had decided to make her a surprise cake - well it turned out the surprise was on me as I had started to ice it before I realised my mistake - so we have had a rather posh cake to eat at home this week, instead of the lemon-drizzle one I had planned!

So instead of adding names and some more elaborate decoration on the sponge.  I added the prepared flowers and wrote the work "Summer" on it!

"Summer" Cake
I did "fess up" to my mistake, and we all had a laugh - particularly as I am the keeper of the "Family Tree" so should have known better.  (Thank goodness that guardian angel made me look at the records!)

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Sass said...

There is never a detail too big or too small to concern our Guardian Angels. I'm glad it worked out ok for you. I'm Sure that Mr D enjoyed his posh cake :-)