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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Experimenting Again.

I have been playing with my cloud clay again.    My original intentions had been to do some black and white creations, and I have been prepping by painting hearts and ovals with either white or black gesso mixed with some modelling paste and applying it with a palette knife to give a stippled effect, and then painting with acrylic.  (I was even very good and painted the backs - I normally forget that as I am so keen to work on the front of my work and then have to make good the back later!!)
Having prepared the roses from cloud clay for the hearts in the first picture, I suddenly wondered whether to keep the roses white or to try and paint them to create a sort of "Capodimonte" finish.  After much deliberation and a vote on Fb, I decided to paint the hearts and leaves.  (and yes I do know that one of the leaves had slipped on the middle heart - and that was rectified after I had seen the picture and before the glue dried!).
I am quite pleased with how the roses and leaves have turned out, as I have never painted anything like this before.  I have made roses in sugarpaste and have dusted them, but never painted them, so getting the pink edges to the rose was a real experiment.  I painted the leaves "paint-fusion" style with a double loaded brush,  Really pleased with them.
The middle picture is a vague layout for the plaque, and I am going to stick with monochrome for this one - the clay flowers need to be painted and glued on.
The final picture was a couple of coasters I was working on whilst waiting for paint and varnish on the clay to dry!    Not too happy with the top one - I had the brush upside down so the outer edge is red instead of white! The main experiment was to try something different for the background which was achieved by brushing brown and gold paint on double-loaded brush style, and then using a natural sponge with both colours on and "splodging".  I liked the effect.  I also wanted to do some random leaves as a background, but not too happy with how they have turned out - I should have painted the roses first I think and then just added some random leaves, as I did on my pot in an earlier post - but you have to experiment, and I can always start again!
Working on the monochrome theme  I shall work with my black cloud clay and create another set of hearts and a plaque on a white background.
and just as an afterthought - I imported the pictures into CAP2 to create the layout!

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Sass said...

You know how indecisive I am? I think they are all gorgeous. However, I am a sucker for the monochrome look x