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Monday, 26 August 2013

Flowerpot Makeover

Two of my granddaughters had flowerpots to decorate for a National Trust competition.   They have nurtured the geraniums from small cuttings, and they have flowered beautifully.  Unfortunately typical for the final day most of the flowers had finished!  (although there are more to come).
Needless to say they wanted to decorate them in the Den.   We had started to run out of time to get them done, so they had a little help from me preparing the white surface and getting it dried before they set to work decorating them, although they learned how to do the stippled effect themselves with modelling paste and titanium white acrylic.
With two days to spare, they managed to get the little wooden decorations painted and stickles applied, and then got them stuck on to the pots.  The 7 year old didn't paint so many - she is a bit of a perfectionist and was a little slower than her 4 year old sister - who I think was painting shapes like there was no tomorrow!
The finished efforts looked fantastic, so I created a little memory page for them in CAP, with a background created from a couple of pictures of my craft den to set off their efforts.


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