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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Beaded Baubles

Last year I treated myself to a couple of beading kits at the Sandown Bead Show, but never got to do anything with them and finally decided to remedy that when the weather changed recently and it was too wet outside,  bit of a nightmare, and many things went wrong, including almost getting to the end of the beading the second time, and then dropping glass bauble on the floor!
I climbed into the loft to see if I could find a suitable replacement, but nothing of anywhere near the right size.  I decided to "play safe" and used this non-glass bauble - of course the top of the bauble was a much larger size - so it was start again time!  ... and I also had to adapt the pattern to fit this slightly larger bauble.   It is nowhere near perfect, but as my old dad would say "a blind man would be pleased to see it"!

Undaunted - I turned to the second kit, and discovered from my book that I bought alongside the kits that this was an easier level!    I really enjoyed making this - incredibly simple to do and no fiddling trying to get beads to meet under the bauble.  I love it and it is so pretty!  (added to which I didn't break the bauble - lol!).
I am now browsing the book to see that else I can make, until such time as a) glass Christmas baubles are in the shops) or b) I go to the next Bead Show and buy some more kits!  
I am currently under strict orders from doc to do nothing strenuous, following a little scare at the weekend, so am looking for projects to keep me "out of mischief" for a while.  So it looks like I shall have to abandon housework/gardening/cooking for a while and just sit quietly and craft!

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