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Monday, 23 September 2013

Beaded Bracelets

My friendship bracelet
Mr daughter and granddaughter were lucky enough to have their emails drawn out of the hat for a bracelet made by Kleshna.  So having seen the one that my granddaughter received, I decided I wanted to figure out how it was done.  
I was a bit limited by what beads and thin cord I had in my stash, but pleased with the result.  It is vry dainty and much less chunky than a normal shamballa bracelet.  I want to try and do some variations on the design now.

Below is the inspiration:

Granddaughter's bracelet made by Kleshna.

When my granddaughter visited she wanted to make a bracelet similar to the purple and white one I made a couple of weeks ago with the snowflake bubble spacer beads.  She had free reign to do what she wanted - so she did a different combination of beads to the one I made - this one uses alternating 2 pink and two silver beads.  Gorgeous isn't it.
I love the effect, and shall now play with different combinations of colours/beads.

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