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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Paverpol Figurine Part 3

Here she is ........

........ introducing Grace:

Although she was created to stand on my dressing table to take jewellery, couldn't resist taking this photo of her in the rockery.  The Jury is out as to whether she will end up on the dressing table or become an ornament elsewhere!
She was painted using metallic acrylic as well as Primary Elements (mix of purple and red for her dress).  Her hair was a sort of bronze colour, using a mixture of colours.
I also used gilding wax on her "body" and the base to create the illusion of bronze, as well as silver gilding wax on her stole, in addition to the silver acrylic.  She was finished off with spray and shine, and also iridescent spray and sparkle (although it doesn't show up in the photo as the sun had gone in!)
Here are a few more photos of her (She stands about 20 inches tall):

rear view

A little memory page of the stages.
Shame it is getting too cold to work in the Den this year.  Definitely think I need to make more of these and start getting commissions!   I am really enjoying working in this medium.

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Elly said...

Well Mags, thanks for subbing my blog. I need a bit time to read, but i can tell you at all: I loooooove your Paverpol creations!!♥ Sometimes i use Powertex, but i've never made a stunning figurine like you and i guess, i'll find a lot inspiration on your blog to give it a try. (:o)
xoxo Elly