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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Chocolate Leather (Chocolate Modelling Paste) and Ganache

We had a chocolate demonstration at Sugarcraft Club last week, which inspired me to have a go at working with Ganache.   Surprisingly in all the years I have taught Cake Decorating I have never worked with Ganache, althoughI have worked with chocolate and love working with Chocolate leather.
So yesterday saw me having a little play, using the recipes that David Edward our demonstrator gave us.
I am quite chuffed with the results, as obviously I have never piped with Ganache either!  and as I don't really DO cupcakes, to be able to create something with the chocolate was really enjoyable.   I also learned a different way to pipe roses (the large roses in the picture), which in the past I have never been able to achieve.   (I have always piped roses using the nail part of the piping nail, but these large ones were piped on the flat part - actually my nail wasn't big enough for piping these - so I stuck a piece of waxed paper to the top of a pringles can and piped on that - lol!)
Some of the cakes have white chocolate leather under the roses/flowers, and one has dark leather under a white leather flower shape.
some of the family were visiting whilst I was piping the cakes, and they soon got demolished.  However, when they had gone I had a little play with some dusting/spraying of the cakes.  Here are some close ups:
white choc leather, impressed with patterned mat, and rose piped using way
I learned to pipe roses on the nail.

Choc ganache on cake, then piped ganache pansy with choc leather centre and dusted with silver

dark and white chocolate leather

piped ganache rose, dusted with gold (piped on pringles can)

ganache rose sprayed with pearlescent spray.
David let us sample various flavoured ganaches - so that is my next experiment - and I have sent away for some hazelnut paste and some pistachio paste.   Looks as though I shall be experimenting with the ganache for the insides of chocolates for Christmas!

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