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Friday, 7 February 2014

A birthday card and a bit of nostalgia ...

... and actually the two things are connected.

The first picture is a card for my no.1 sister-in-law's birthday this week.

The  second is of one of two cards made to go with a little present for two friends recently contacted through fbook.  One is the sister of our best man and the other the wife of our best man.  Adrian died when he was 40, ten years after our wedding.  

We were lucky enough to have a video of our wedding, a rare occurrence in those days.   We had had the video converted to a dvd a few years ago.  So I made copies of the video and sent them to them both, and with a bit of conniving with Adrian's sister, it was arranged that they would be opening their presssies together. Although Adrian's wife was on the video as well, obviously his sister wasn't at the wedding, so it was all new to her.  I am sure it was  very emotional; for them, as I get emotional watching it as my brother died the same year as Adrian, and he is in the video too.

This is the cover I made for the dvd case.

and the connection between the first card ?  well my sister-in-law was originally intended to be my chief bridesmaid, but unfortunately she was very pregnant, at the time so it wasn't to be.  In fact my nephew was born whilst we were on honeymoon!

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