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Monday, 24 February 2014

Recipe Pages

I have been asked for some of my recipes, so I decided to make some scrapbook pages for them, using Craft Artist Platinum.   Here are the first two:   They are 8" x 8" pages.

The recipe for the pie is a guide.  The 1001 was coined by my daughter's godmother who used to make 1001 stew (You never knew what was in it!).   This is a very rough guide.  If I have left-over baked beans, tinned tomatoes, or sweetcorn in the fridge, I chuck those in as well.  So you could quite easily add baked beans to the recipe anyway if you so fancy.

I can remember in my twenties, that we often used to visit a local pub near Gatwick Airport at lunch times, and they used to make the most fantastic pie and beans.  I must admit that this recipe is very reminiscent of the pie they used to serve. (From memory I think we used to served about 1/3rd of a piece of pie as a portion, accompanied by a very large spoonful of baked beans!)

As the title implies, this is a recipe based on the bread pudding my Nan used to make, and then my mum, and now my daughter makes it!   It is in ounces as that is what I have grown up with and still prefer to work in compared to grams.  I must confess that I don't always way the ingredients - just throw in what I think!

Those that have tried mine, or made it themselves, have all said that the taste is the same as the bread pudding their Gran's used to make.  So that is sufficient compliment for me.

I think there will be a few more recipe pages in the pipeline, so watch this space!

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