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Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Bit Rusty!

Seems I am a bit rusty on the paint fusion.  Having managed to venture to the Den this week on a couple of occasions, I finished this today, but confess I am not happy with it really.  I doesn't matter as it is only for my desk in my craft room.  I can see lots of things wrong with it - but hey ho - thought I would share it anyway!

I did a crackle effect on the box to start with the other day, cream over burgundy.  I probably should have started again from here, as the crackle wasn't up to much.

I then used Sheena Douglass's new stamps, and part paint, part paint fushioned them.  I am quite happy with the leaves, but not the flowers.   I didn't realise until I had taken the photo that I had a couple of smears on them!   Possibly caused because some of the black paint wasn't quite dry when I applied the silk finish to the box, or maybe I managed to smudge the images when I was holding the box to apply the gilding wax!   Still I can always repaint it at some point..

I have just had an idea - I might get the enamelling kit out and re-do the flowers for a different effect.  I can't remember what colours I have, but if I have something similar, as I want the burgundy flower colour scheme, I will give it a whirl.

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