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Thursday, 6 March 2014

In the Classroom with Nanny

My eldest granddaughter is suffering from tonsillitis, so I have been called on for some childcare for the past couple of days.   Yesterday she mainly slept, and I managed to get out in the garden and do a bit of gardening, and then we played some board games in the afternoon.

Today she was a little brighter, but still wasn't well enough to go to school, much as she wanted too as it was her favourite lessons today - cookery and art.

So it was Nanny to the rescue, and we did some cooking and some craft.

 First we made:
Loaf of bread made in the slow cooker
Whilst that we cooking we made:  (as we were using the slow cooker for the bread, we cooked this in the oven.

Large choc chip, raisin and fudge cookie with mini choc eggs on top

After lunch we did some crafting and I taught her how to make:

faux leather

My piece is on the right, her two pieces are on the left.   The photo doesn't do them justice as they are actually quite a bit darker in real life.

Not sure whether I will have my "nurses" hat on again tomorrow, we shall wait and see.

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