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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Pippin Necklace - another tick on the Bucket List

I bought this kit from Spellbound Beads at the Big Bead Show the other week - a) because I fell in love with the design and b) because I have always wanted to try and do this sort of wire work.  I have a Bucket List of Craft things I want to try - some people want to visit places around the world, I just want to try loads of different crafts.

Well I must confess it took me longer than planned.   My original attempt was a disaster (fortunately realised where I was going wrong after wiring up a couple of the beads.   I does help when it say 8 mm, that you do 8mm and NOT 8 cm - oops!  Yes well I am ancient - inches are my thing not metric!.

Having overcome that hiccup, the centre piece went really well.  Then came the attaching of the seed beads.  The original pattern was one long chain of beads from one side to the other, but this meant that the necklace would be too long for what I wanted if it had to go over my head.   I decided to make two strands and join them with a magnetic clasp.   Simples - erm no - kept breaking the strand, and of course not until I came to the end of all the double threading!   Eventually after a few attempts and some choice words I manged to get the seed bead strands attached, and decided to try it on - and heck it was jinxed yet again - one of the magnetic clasps decided to disintegrate!

Finally success, and the effort was all worthwhile.  It is so pretty and delicate, and I have received loads of compliments on facebook.   One pal stated "I hope the recipient appreciates the work involved".  My reply was oh yes they will, I have made it for ME! ....

....  and I have crossed off another "To Try" on my Bucket List.

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