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Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Tissue Box and a Tidy Den!

I have been revamping the Den over the past couple of days.  I had some wood in the garage, that I decided to make into shelves and try and free up space on the work table (and the floor!) and also managed to finish this tissue box for my granddaughter.  Photo doesn't do it justice really as the design is outlined with imitation lead and painted with Pebeo Fantasy Enamel Paints, which are really pretty.

The trouble is it is now so tidy, I am scared to make it messy again!  Here are some random views!

It was a bit crowded with all that stuff on the shelf on the table!

I also had a load ob bits and bobs that I had painted - and managed to display those too.

Even a bag of MDF Shapes hanging tidily waiting to be painted!

Need another shelf to store all those canvasses etc.

another corner - with a garden bench for
visiting "painters"

a clear workspace!

a little work in progress

can you see the zentangled boot with a jar of bluebells from the garden in it?

more painting bits and stuff to paint!

last corner - my chair in the sun

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