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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Visiting a Poorly Pal and a little cooking

One of my old school pals is a tad under the weather at the moment, and in quite a bit of pain, not helped by the fact that she is a carer for her husband who has a form of dementia, so she is struggling at the moment, so I popped over for a cuppa with her this afternoon to try and cheer her up.

Well I am not sure that I really cheered her up, but we had a good moan about our other halves, as we are both carers, and retirement has not brought forth what we had hoped.  Such is life!  However, it is good to talk and to get your moans off your chest.  We did have a few giggles along the way.

Hopefully I cheered her up with a plant, a small gift, and a card.  I hope that the Get Well Soon card will remind her hubby that all is not well with her at the moment when he sees it.

My pal likes art deco - so this was the little card I made.

and for some healing vibes, I made this hematite and pearl bracelet for her.  As hematite is supposed to have good healing powers.   Hope it helps.

Along with our cuppa we had some delicious melting moments biscuits from Asda.   Basically a lang du chat type biscuit, but round instead of long, and filled with chocolate.  Some of the nicest biscuits I have tasted for years.  Can see a visit to Asda coming soon!

After dinner I decided to attempt to make some, as I haven't made these little biscuits for nearly 50 years.  I have never had them filled before, that's what made them so delish!    I filled mine with nutella!   Not as even and round as the bought ones, but they tasted just as good.  They only took moment to make.

Whilst they were cooling down, I put the topping on the Simnel cake I cooked yesterday.

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