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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Reflecting on one of those special days

Yesterday turned out to be one of those "special" days.  I had to look after my eldest granddaughter, whilst her mother ran an exam revision class for her students during half term.   As I knew Sarah Millsop was going to be on Create and Craft demonstrating rubber band looms and bracelets, I suggest she brought hers over.   This is what we got up to during and after the show.

Five of the bracelets are hers - mine is top right.  The one on the bottom left she made for her mum, and the other two on the bottom row, were new patterns to her following instructions on Crafter's Companion website.

As it was too cold and damp to go up and play in the Den, we took up an invitation to go and see her young cousins in the afternoon.   It's not often they all get together, and not often I get to play with with all at the same time either.    We spent the afternoon Zentangling.  Me helping the 5 year old and the 8 year old being aided and abetted by her cousin.   They had great fun "tangling" an Inky Owl.  (this is an owl shaped pillow that you draw on with special pens, and then it can be washed and you can start over again.)

They also learned how to do the bracelets as E took her loom over with her.  (Just as well I have ordered one for them!)   They were so well behaved, and had so much fun.  It was lovely to hear them laughing. Even the 2 year old, although unable to partake in the "tangling" was singing to us and joining in the laughter. Yes, definitely one of those "special" days to be treasured.

I just wish the battery hadn't died on my phone - I would have loved to have captured the moment of them all playing together.

I had also intended to try and make a tree of life pendant with E, after we had finished the rubber band bracelets, but of course we never got around to it.  So last night I attempted one.

Here is my first attempt.

I had followed written instructions on the net, and worked from the bottom up, but having made it I then found a U-tube video which started from top down (which is how I will tackle the next one).  However, there were a couple of good tips on the video, so I tweaked the "roots a little.  OK so it distorted the original nice round circle, but as the video said you can make them any shape -I am not worried, and definitely prefer the tweaked version.
tweaked pendant

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