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Friday, 13 June 2014

Experimenting again

I had a "ME" day today, and spent the afternoon playing in the Den.

Inspired by a painting that a pal did, using Fantasy paints on paper, I decided to think outside the box this afternoon.  I had a couple of decopatch shapes, that I wanted to do something with.    The leaf shape had black gesso applied and when dry, I brushed Pebeo Fantasy paints on  to it, guided by the contours of the shape.  I then added the outliner (you would normally do this first).  Rather pleased with the effect, and hopefully it will look even better tomorrow when the paints have dried.  The back of the leaf was painted with a mix of blue and green metallic paints, which will get a coat of varnish tomorrow. 

another view without the sun on it.

I also painted this second leaf, which is in the shape of a bowl - work in progress.

again this was painted with black gesso, and then bronze metallic acrylic, and sponged with some green and red acrylic and some Cinnamon Luminarte Primary Elements and some green primary elements around the top edge.   The back is painted with a mix of bronze and cinnamon primary elements.   I am not quite sure how I am going to finish it off, I think just a little smear of Gilding wax to accentuate the leaf outlines.

I'll add another picture when it is finished.

Finished Bowl - after gilding wax added

Finally, something I did last week for a bit of fun.  I had a tatty fairy ornament on the rockery in the garden, and I gave it a make-over.  ok a bit OTT, but what the heck!  In this house if it doesn't move it gets painted! rofl!

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