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Thursday, 3 July 2014

July in the Den

I have managed a couple of afternoons in the Den for the first time this week, as I felt well enough to tackle some much overdue housework this week, which had been put on hold since I cracked a rib a few weeks ago.  We also had visitors on Tuesday, some Sheenie friends from Devon, who were holidaying in the area, and we spent a very pleasant afternoon in the garden.

Whilst they were here, they had a little play with my airbrush, and Ros was hooked, but then so was Tim, who is florist, and he wondered if you could airbrush carnations to save the faff of standing them in ink for a few days to colour them.  Well, I had a little play today, as one of my Marguerite flowers opened.   Result!

Airbrushed Marguerite

I have also been playing with my Pebeo goodies again - albeit I actually used some of the products I already had in my stash.

I decided to paint the reverse of the butterflies that I painted the other week.   Didn't quite turn out how I wanted, possibly because I was not using my favourite colours!  and the paints definitely had a mind of their own yesterday, and didn't go where I hooped they would go!    I intend to make a mobile out of them.

to recap - this was the first side:

Over the past two days, I have also played with a Martha Stewart glass painting kit.  I did do one a few months ago, but the little pots of paint that came with it didn't go very far.  So last week I topped up my stash with some bigger bottles.  Got a bargain as it happened.  My C & C membership had just been renewed, and I thought I would put the credit toward the glass paints, and lucky me discovered they were on super special offer as well.  Result!  I love it when a plan comes together, and gets better as well!

Glass painting study.

and finally, back to Pebeo again and a little work in progress - painted this box this afternoon, and started to enamel a flower.  The flower looks a bit "muddy" in this photo, but was in a just painted state when I took the photo.
Work in Progress
Actually it is good to take a photo, as I can see I need to do a bit more paint effect with the silver metallic paint to match the bottom of the box.  Might have to black gesso it again and start over with the sponging.

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