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Friday, 11 July 2014

Sugar Rose

I mentioned in the earlier post today about my using a photo of an air-brush rose on a card.  Well this is the spray I made, before I "doctored" the photo in cutout studio in CAP2 to remove the background.

The rose and leaves are made from sugar flower paste, and airbrushed the rose with red, and the leaves (which had originally just been dusted) were airbrushed with red and green, which improved the depth and shading of the colour.

Really pleased with the airbrushing finish, although not too sure about the actual  "making" of the rose, as I am a tad out of practise, added to which it was such a rotten cold damp day yesterday the paste would not dry, so the petals didn't separate quite how I wanted them too - although it is supposed to be an old fashioned rose.  I ended up putting it in the airing cupboard overnight to dry!

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