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Saturday, 6 September 2014

A Fun Afternoon with the Granddaughters

I spent a lovely afternoon minding my three youngest granddaughters yesterday.  I went prepared armed with jam jars and Cloud Clay, as well as a my rubber band loom.   Well we never got to the loom, We spent two and a half hours sitting at the garden table playing with the clay,

They had loads of fun, and were so quiet for the whole time!  (two and a half hours - being so well behaved and no bickering!)  this must be a record!

From left to right the jar tops were made by the 5 year old, the 2 year old and the 8 year old, with the 8 year old also creating the piece at the front.

They had a little help from me - mainly showing them how to do something and then guiding them through it, although I did help out on occasion.   The 2 year old obviously wanted to try all the colours and all the cutters - lol!   In fact she created the marble effect piece of clay on the right.  Her big sister liked it so much, that she took off the pink she had placed on her jam jar, and used the marbled piece on her jar instead!   I also have some rather nice marbled pieces to use at a later date, when I get to do some playing!

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