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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Googly Eyes!

Another afternoon of  childminding yesterday, and I went armed with googly eyes, gems, and mosaic foam, and buttons!

It was just the 2 year old, as the older ones were at school.

We had such fun for a couple of hours, my granddaughter was singing away as she played.  I was asked to make some animals (in the colours requested by her) so we have a blue elephant and a blue frog, a monkey and a chicken (well it was supposed to be duck, but I can't make ducks!

We then decided to make some selfies!  Hers is on the right, and apparently she is really proud of it. The one on the left is supposed to me, and T helped me with this!  lol!  She also made the abstract piece with googly eyes and gems.

She then proceeded to make a card sticking on buttons, gems, small mosaic foam bits, and more googly eyes!

Yes we had fun!

I have got her again on Friday - and must put my thinking cap on as to what we can do.  If it is fine, it will probably be another day in the garden with the cloud clay!

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