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Friday, 19 December 2014

Purple Rabbit

My youngest granddaughter is apparently very keen on a programme on tv called Kat and Mim-Mim, and she wanted a Mim-Mim. (Unfortunately the merchandise for this new show is not due on sale until Mid 2015!)

No those that know me know that I don't DO knitting.  I can knit, but am not that good, apart from the fact that things don't grow quickly enough for me!

Anyway I promised to try and knit the purple rabbit requested   I found a pattern on Ravelry for a rabbit, and used that as the idea.   Now Mim Mim (not sure if she is a she or a he) wears flying goggles, as I gather she is a rabbit that can fly from the odd pictures I have seen.

As I didn't want the two-year old to keep whipping off (and losing the goggles) I crochet them, and then sewed them to the head.

Well he/she is not brilliant, and I realise I should have put a bit more stuffing in her head, but hey ho - too late now.   Hopefully my granddaughter will think she is ok  and you never know in many years hence she will become a family heirloom and be known as the funny bunny that great, great, great Nanny knitted back in 2014!    rofl!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas Cakes

Everything seems to have overtaken me this year, so the Christmas Cakes had to be simple.

My youngest granddaughters want Father Christmas and Elves on their cake, so I have duly obliged - one Elf is dressed as Holly Elf and the other as Ivy Elf.

My daughter (big kid at heart) wanted Olaf on her cake!

By the time I had done the modelling on those two cakes, I was feeling a tad tired on Sunday, so I just ended up with a little spray.  I had intended to make more, but really couldn't face it and wanted to get the cakes done.  So I have a very simple spray of Christmas rose, Holly. Ivy and a plant that I forget the name of.

They are all rich fruit cakes, and the red one was Royal iced and the two blue ones had a sugarpaste coating.  All the flowers and figures are sugar.

Monday, 8 December 2014

A Bit Of Bling

Gosh is it really nearly a month since I posted on the blog?   How bad am I.  Where has the time gone, I have been busy - honest.

Anyway, here are a couple of items of jewellery that I created today.

I had a request for a necklace for a Christmas present, so I came up with this design.  I couldn't decide whether to use pearls or crystals - so I used both, with silver snowflake beads!  It does look fab in real life, and I am really pleased with it.  Hope the recipient likes it.

This is another Christmas present, and I kept this simple, and did a variation of one that I had made for myself, which I am always getting compliments on when I wear it.  This has faceted hematite beads on it, with the lovely silver oblongs..   The simple design means you can wear it every day - or for a special occasion.

Both necklaces have magnetic clasps.   I am making everything with magnetic clasps now.  So easy to take on and off, and no having to ask my husband to do up/undo a necklace for me!  There are some really pretty clasps available now too.