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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas Cakes

Everything seems to have overtaken me this year, so the Christmas Cakes had to be simple.

My youngest granddaughters want Father Christmas and Elves on their cake, so I have duly obliged - one Elf is dressed as Holly Elf and the other as Ivy Elf.

My daughter (big kid at heart) wanted Olaf on her cake!

By the time I had done the modelling on those two cakes, I was feeling a tad tired on Sunday, so I just ended up with a little spray.  I had intended to make more, but really couldn't face it and wanted to get the cakes done.  So I have a very simple spray of Christmas rose, Holly. Ivy and a plant that I forget the name of.

They are all rich fruit cakes, and the red one was Royal iced and the two blue ones had a sugarpaste coating.  All the flowers and figures are sugar.

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