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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Decorated Letters

 I made these decorated letters for my granddaughters.

The eldest one "E" chose her colours - as black and white are her favourite.  I thought this was going to be the hardest one to do - but turned out to be the easiest.

I painted the letter with black gesso and then black paint.  When dry I used a stencil and using a make-up sponge sponged on white gesso and white acrylic mixed together.  I added various black and white ribbons and flowers and some gems.  the flowers were stiffened with pva glue and water.

As it turned out, these three for the younger girls turned out to be a bit harder.  As you will see further on I had trouble getting the background colour as I wanted it.

They are decorated with Hearty Clay flowers and animals etc, which have been painted with acrylic, also some wooden bits, some stick-ons, fabric floers and some sqiggles with Pebeo Mixion relief and mirror leaf, and a few droops of Pebeo Fantasy Moon and Prisme paints.  (You will probably have to click on the photo to see it more clearly).   I couldn't remembe what animal B wanted, I seem to remember it was something I couldn't make, so she got a rabbit as they have rabbits as pets.   C wanted a monkey - managed that one; and little T has just started ballet - so that was supposed to be a ballet dancer - but think it has turned out more like a doll!

initial first colours of the letters - wasn't quite the effect I wanted .....

...... decided to start again and applied gesso  .... and happy accident got the effect I wanted

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