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Friday, 10 April 2015

Fairy Door

close up

I have had fun over the past couple of days.  At last I got round to painting the fairy door that I bought at Make It Farnborough.

I wanted to keep the details on the mdf, so instead of applying gesso, which would have obliterated the darker scored lines,  I used Pebeo Gloss gel as a primer.  I then used Pebeo Deco Matt paints to paint the various sections.

The stonework was done with a double loaded brush a la Paint Fusion/one stroke painting style, using various combinations of grey, white, antique white and black with a little greengold to represent moss.

The fark surround to the door was ccreated using the same paints in brown, black and antique white, but before I painted it I added some peel-off chain of flowers.

The door was also painted using a gold metallic paint, with a red matt Pebeo over the top and a smigen og pebeo gilding wax.  I created the "scratches" on the door using some "sculpting" tools for paint and clay.  (These are like paint brushed, but solid rubber).

The window was painted with a mix of studio 3 metallic acrylic in a mix of blue and green.  The centre was liquid gold leaf as was the door knocker, and finally some more off the string of peel-off floweers added individually.

The flowers on the stonework were also peel-offs, which I put on a non-stick mar and panted in red and green.   I then stuck them on the stonework and painted  the inside detail in a metallic red - again Studio 3.  Finally I free-hand painted some leaves.   

The kit was then all glued together and given a coat of spray varnish,

I could get hooked on painting these - think I might have to buy some more doors!

 I am very lucky, that I have a beautiful oak tree in my garden.   It is an unusual shape as the end of the garden was originally a ditch, so the trunk grows along and then up, creating a natural seat, and I have a couple of faux steps at the base which were the perfect setting for the door.

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