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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Mixed Media and .....

.... a little play with the youngest granddaughters.

Miniature Mixed Media Canvas
On Saturday my youngest granddaughters popped in to see me, and after an impromptu bacon butty lunch, they wanted to "raid" my Den.   It seems in future I must learn to buy 3 of everything as they all wanted to use the same things!

Having shown them the "HOME" letters that I painted with Pebeo Ceramic and Fantasy paints, they wanted to know how to do it

They all took turns in dropping some red vitrail paint onto the canvas and then choosing the Fantasy paints that they wanted to drop into the centre as well as some of the glitter vitrail.   They were fascinated by the reaction of the paints.   Needless to say it required 24 hours to dry so they didn't see the effect of their finished "splodges".

As I wasn't sure when I would see them next, I hadded a couple of splodges of my own, and when dry I carefully filled in the background with black ceramic paint, and when that was dry I added some squiggles with Pebeo Mixion and when that was tacky I added a few gilding flakes.  The edge of the board was finished off by applying two shades of gold Pebeo gilding wax.

It may only be tiny, but when the sun catches it ......... fantastic effect.

Amazing what you can do with a few kebab sticks and some paint - i.e. no brush was applied to the canvas at all.

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Jan Ltc said...

This is great Mags xx Jan