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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Playing with new paints

I have been playing with some new purchases and experimenting.  The first was a little lid:

Pebeo Dark Blue Vitrail with gilding flakes added when wet

One of my garden fairies was looking a bit down (I did paint her last year, but wasn't that happy with the effect.  However I used my new Pebeo Dyna Iridescent Studio Acrylics on her, and then a coat of varnish.  Pleased with her now!

re-vamped garden fairy

Do you remembers this from earlier this month? ..........

MDF Pencil holder

.... well I got around to finishing it now that my new iridescent paints arrived, and used my new stamps from Sheena Douglass

the humming bird and hibiscus stamped and embossed                         

Had a little problem stamping the image to start - it wouldn't emboss - obviously my powder was past its use by date - lol!   as it is ages since I did any stamping and embossing!  so I found some really, really old Inca powder from about 1993-ish. when my daughter was demonstrating for Inca - worked a treat - shame they went out of business their products were ace!  

First side stamped and painted, and varnished

2nd side stamped and painted and varnished
I am lo loving these new paints.

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