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Monday, 8 June 2015

Enamelled Jewellery

Chatting to a friend today, I was searching for an entry on my blog, and it seems I omitted to to write about some enamelled jewellery I made with Pebeo Fantasy paints.  So this is now rectified.  (Apologies if I did blog them before, but just can't find them!)

Last year I made these pendants - the first two are double sided, and I was trying out some steam punk ideas, with some watch bits etc that I bought at Sandown Craft Show.

Fantasy paints were dribbled into the cabouchons, and then the various metal findings added.   

They were then glazed with Magic-Glos UV Resin (made by Lisa Pavelka) which I prefer to the resins you have to mix, mainly because, it is foolproof, (which is a must for me) and it is fairly quick drying in sunlight (or you could in the winter use one of those UV nail drying lights.   I have found in strong sunlight it is touch dry within half an hour.  Also there is no guessing on how much resin you need to mix for a project - you just squeeze it out of the nozzle on the bottle.  (As I said foolproof - or should I say idiot proof in my case!)

No 1 - First side purples and creams

No 1 - Second side - red

No 2 - First side - turquoise

No 2 - second side - blue

This was an experiment using a daisy from the lawn, only I was too
impatient - and didn't wait for the paints to dry - so the daisy took on the colour
of the paint!

A leaf pendant lightly painted with blue Fantasy paint

I apologise in advance for the quality of these two square pendants, but these were the best photos I could get with all the reflections.

Square pendant 1 - Blue Purplse

Square Pendant 2 - Green

Typical now that I have typed this post out - I have found my original one under Steampunk label  - anyway there are some slightly better photos there, so here is link for better photos:


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