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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Flower Pots

I made painted these little metal flower pots for my pal's birthday (albeit they were a slightly belated pressie).

They are metal, and were first coated with black gesso and then painted with Pebeo DYNA iridescent blue/green and gree/blue.

Originally I was going to do some paint fusion daisies or something on them, but whilst we were messing about in the Den, I came across these paper flowers.   They were coated in watered down pva to stiffen them, and then painted with the same paints, two were painted with blue/green and one with green/blue and when dry sprayed with Spray and Shine.  They were then glued to the pots,and some liquid pearls added to the centres, and a further coat of Spray and Shine added.

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