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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Mini Mannequin

Some months ago I purchased some mini mannequins from the Range for my grandchildren as Easter presents instead of eggs, and I also bought a set for myself.  So today I thought I would have a play with my set.

I dipped some t-shirt material in a mix of water and pva glue, and draped it around the figure, and set it in the sun to dry.  I was a tad impatient so I started to paint it with Pebeo Blue/Black DYNA iridescent paint (bad girl that I am), but actually I think it was quite a good idea as I was able to paint underneath the wrap in the front and arrange the folds at the same time.    

I think I will give it another coat of paint and try and get a bit of shading on it too, by perhaps adding a bit of iridescent silver to the paint.  (Hopefully by the time this gets scheduled for posting, there will be another updated photo below).

The flower was made from Hearty Clay using my new Christmas Rose folder from Sheena Douglass.  I just rolled the clay thinly and squished it between the folder, and then cut the flower out.   I set it to dry so that it curved.   I then painted it with a pale cream acrylic, over-painted/blended with the purple/blue and blue/green iridescent colours.

Final touches were the addition of a dark blue gem in the centre, surround by some tiny clear gems.

(My original idea was to create the dress using Paverpol or Powertex, but not wanting to get too messy I decided to use just the watered down pva.)

a second coat of paint this morning!  really pleased with the effect

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