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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Mixed Media Canvasses - by Sass & Mags

When my pal Sass was visiting the other week I introduced her to mixed media painting.  The first picture is her first attempt.  As you can see from the second picture it didn't look much when she first did it - but then we mounted the A5 canvas board on an A4 canvas - result - a work of art.

Sassie's first mixed media canvas - mounted
Sass brushed on Pebeo blue vitrail and then dribbled various Fantasy Moon and Prisme paints over the canvas and added some gilding flakes

Sassie's first mixed media canvas - unmounted (and drying in the sun)

.... and then I attempted a canvas, and was a little bolder - no brushes were used in preparing this canvas

I poured various colours of Pebeo vitrail all over the canvas, until it ran off the board. and although they were different colours - because they all got mixed the overall effect is is a dark blue, although when you look closely you can see greens and light blues and reds.

I then dropped on various Fantasy Moon and Prisme paints using a kebab stick, and then swirled them into the Vitrail paint.  I also added the glitter vitrail in places, red vitrail and some antique white ceramic  (I like the effect of the white ceramic paint).

In both cases we painted on an A5 thin canvas board, and then mounted it on to a an A4 canvas.  This really does show off the artwork and make it easier to hang.

Mag's mixed media canvas

or of course you could hang it this way!

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