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Monday, 22 June 2015

Painted Bracelets

My youngest grandchildren came to visit today as it was Father's Day, and for once it was sunny.

I had promised them some time in the Den.  They had already earmarked some things they wanted to paint a few weeks ago.  So today they painted some wooden bracelets.

9 year old's bracelet
I had prepared the bracelets with a thin coat of white gesso - but of course they decided they wanted to try the paint effect I had done on some drawers and boxes, so first of all they had to apply some Black gesso.

3 year old's bracelet

I decided the easiest and least messy way was to use some kitchen scourers that I had cut into small pieces, thus enabling a quick thin coat of the black gesso.  Being sunny this didn't take long to dry!

6 year old's bracelet

They then set to with the Pebeo  iridescent paits, using the scourer side of the sponges.   Well they all chose the colours they wanted, but then got carried away using nearly all of the eleven colours!

Amazingly there was very little mess, and even their hands were pretty clean - mostly black gesso in a few places, which soon washed off.

Even the three year old painted her own bracelet, with me just holding it for her!  She was really very good.

We left them in the sun to dry and then I varnished them with Spray and Shine.   They did an excellent job didn't they?

Tomorrow I will share what else they did .......

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