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Friday, 19 June 2015

Pebeo Canvas

A little experiment with a small canvas

A coat of turquoise Pebeo vitrail and light green vitrail applied first , and then darker blue pour over the top, an with a stencil brush colour removed to show the turquoise.   Dark green applied to base of canvas and stroked through the light green with a kebab stick.

When dry I applied some Pebeo Mixtion relief through the "grasses" stencil which is party of the Clarity Stamp Natural Accents set, with a palette knife.  I also applied some around the edge of the moon from the same stencil.

When dry I applied various foils from my stash over the Mixtion, together with the Pebeo Mirror effect foil, and also applied the mirror effect to the moon/sun - which was then filled with two shades of Pebeo Fantasy Moon paints, swirled together.

The top picture was taken in the sun and doesn't really show the relief work of the stencil - so here is another photo.

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