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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Green macrame bracelet and a necklace

As mentioned yesterday I made another three strand macrame bracelet, this time using green catseye beads and pearls with a pale silver grey cord.  This cord was a tad thicker than the first bracelet.  I had forgotton that I had some green beads in my stash, as was only thinking the other day that one of my tops would look good with green beads.

Of course I then decided I needed a necklace too ......

... so I made this one.  No pearls this time, but white catseye beads instead.  (Mainly because I discovered I had the white catseye beads already on pins!  Well why make more work for oneself!)  I can't remember what I originally intended to use them for, I may have only just been practising with a tool for making eyes on pins when I first purchased it!)

I also toyed with making a macrame strand to match the bracelet, but decided to opt for a chain - well the difficulty I had with attaching the clasp to the chain .... it just didn't want to play .... think it would have been quicker with macrame. lol!

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