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Friday, 3 July 2015

Triple Row Macrame Bracelet

I watched Germaine from Bead Spider making some different macrame bracelets on Create and Craft on Tuesday, and one of the bracelets used cube beads, and another crystals.    I knew I had some cube beads in my stash, and decided to have a play.

The bracelet is made with quite fine cord and the beads are strung with monofilament.   The centre beads are pale blue catseye beads, and the outer ones my crystal cube beads.   I found a pretty pearly button in my button box, which was almost exactly the same as the one Germaine used - lucky or what!   

I did think that if I make more of these and don't have the right coloured button, I might paint some buttons with Pebeo Fantasy paints.  (Of course that does mean I would have to think about it in advance - erm difficult, as I just tend to make stuff on the spur of the moment!)

Having made this one I then went on to make another with all round beads in green and pearl ...... but you will have to wait until tomorrow's post for that!

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