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Thursday, 20 August 2015

A Very Difficult Card ...

.. for me to make.

On Monday, I learned of the sudden death in her sleep of a daughter of long standing friends.  I was in shock as I was only joking on FB with her last week.  Her parents must be distraught, this is the third child they have lost at a young age (a daughter suddenly, and a son in an unexplained car crash).

It has taken me until now to be able to make a card.   She will be a great loss, she was a lovely person, a young care worker and a Scout Leader.  There was always a smile on her face and her laughter was infectious.  If I saw her up at the local shop, I always got a big hug from her.

1 comment:

Jan Ltc said...

So sorry Mags. Your card is lovely xx Jan